Ability Tree

Late August-September 2019

Ability Tree is an organization that has provided many respite nights for my husband and I.  They have not only entertained my daughter who has special needs for several hours for minimal or no cost, but have also kept and entertained, her SISTER as well.  We are very grateful to them for taking the girls off of our hands and providing them a fun, safe place to play for a few hours.  I knew they were having a fundraiser 5K in September, so contacted one of the founders to ask if I could support that.  She told me she had actually been thinking of asking me if I wanted to sell the macarons for MIRACLE LEAGUE at the 5K.  So I said no, but I would sell them for ABILITY TREE!!  

$500 raised ✅

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The story behind Ability Tree:

Joe and Jen Butler were college students, studying pastoral ministry, when their son Micah was diagnosed with developmental disabilities. They would go on to pastor for five years before founding Ability Tree, a faith-based nonprofit organization, in 2010. Joe and Jen have been married for 22 years, have three children, and a personal understanding of the impact of disability on the family.


To come alongside families impacted by disability and equip organizations through Recreation, Education, Support, and Training (R.E.S.T.).


To create inclusive and supportive communities where individuals and families affected by disability can enjoy healthy relationships in their neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and churches.