What customers have to say...

"These are the best things that my daughter and I have ever tasted!!!  We want to eat them all!!!!"

"Thank you for the macarons.  They are really out of this world fabulous!!!!  I seriously don't want to share!"

"Oh my goodness the cookies and cream is my fave!!! So delicious!  My best friend loves the salted caramel."

"By the way, I just had a lemon macaron and they are amazing.  My 99 year old grandma loves lemon so I'm gonna make sure she gets one.  She'll love it!!"

"Your macarons are delish!!  So light and not super sweet.  They were the perfect side to my coffee."

"They were absolutely amazing.  We enjoyed them so much!"

"They are ridiculous!!!  I'm actually kind of mad that the kids like them too!! #idontwannashare"

"They came out perfect!!  The girls loved them!"

"Not only do they look good but they taste amazing!!!!!"

"I bought some last night and they both looked and tasted amazing!"

"My daughter loved her unicorn cookies...she said, 'Mom these are too pretty to eat!!!'"